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Outsource Billing Service, a division of Devine Industries, is a leading administrator of outsourcing solutions for data management, processing, and presentment.  We have built a reputation for providing complete solutions for secure business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) communication.  Together with a select group of partners, we provide a new class of applications and services for streamlined A/R processes, internal cost reduction and accelerated cash recovery.

Secure Solutions for B2B and B2C Communication

about outsource billing

  • Are you faced with merging different accounting systems?  We can receive your files in any format, and seamlessly integrate your data to create a simplified, uniform document.
  • Do you require quick access to copies of invoices and all supporting documents?  Take advantage of our copy and scan web services for unparalleled efficiency when fielding customer inquiries.
  • Are you plagued with mismatched sensitive documents?  Never worry again with the IntelliMatch bar code system.  Each page of a set is assigned a unique bar code, guaranteeing complete accuracy.
  • Would you like to consolidate invoices, or provide summary billing?  Does your current system prohibit you from duplexing?  Our experienced programmers have the quick fix.
  • Could you and your customers benefit by having copies of outstanding credit memos inserted together with your current invoice?  We can merge the documents and print them on different colored sheets.
  • You retain control of all A/R and billing functions.  In a seamless process, your data is received, processed and presented (via print and mail, email, fax, or web view on demand).


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