Why Outsource Billing?

Document Processing can be a burden for any company.  Keeping up with current technologies will cause any size company to spend untold dollars on system implementation and maintenance.  Many companies continually struggle with attempts to upgrade their system and equipment, getting caught in an endless cycle of futility.  The decision to outsource billing functions will allow you to focus your resources on core business activities.

Outsource Billing Service Benefits

Why outsource billing?

  • Speed up your receivables by 1 to 3 days, and improve cash flow
  • Reduce personnel costs and/or redirect personnel resources to core activities
  • Eliminate expenditures for equipment, maintenance, toner, ribbons, meter ink
  • Provide a more understandable bill with clear, concise information
  • Reduce customer frustration, questions, and phone calls
  • Create marketing opportunities with 1:1 variable imaging and selective inserting
  • Qualify for maximum postal discounts and maintain address list accuracy
  • Gain an organized, convenient archival system, stored digitally, with web access
  • Eliminate costly page set errors with the IntelliMatch Bar Code System
  • Send your data in its current format - no special software
  • Immediately improve your billing process with little or no upfront cost or effort



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